11 Best Basketball Passing Drills for Kids

These drills put the fun in passing fundamentals.


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In basketball, passing is at the heart of teamwork. Not only do young players need to learn the basic types of passes — the bounce pass, the overhead pass, the chest pass — they need to understand how to create space and get open to help their teammates.

These 11 fun, high-energy drills work on all aspects of passing the ball, from straightforward partner passing to more advanced passing skills and technique.

Pass the Rock
Hit me, I’m open! This activity challenges players to throw and catch as many passes as possible in a short amount of time. 

Diamond Passing
Keep the ball moving around the diamond in this activity that teaches players the importance of pivots and jump stops.

Passing Tag
The passers are “it” in this fun twist on tag that helps players pivot and move without the ball. 

Circle Passing
Circle up! Players pass the ball around the court and into the basket in this fast-paced team activity. 

Basketball Tennis
The ball’s in your court! Players practice catching difficult passes in this game that combines two of our favorite sports. 

The Weave
Passing, communication, and coordination all braid together in this classic basketball activity. 

Hut, hut, hike! The hardwood meets the gridiron in this team-based passing and defense game.

Dean Smith
Great passes lead to great shot in this small-sided game named after Michael Jordan’s college basketball coach.

Keep Away
The key here is to pass the ball between teammates without losing it to the defense.

Switch Up
It’s a two-fer! Players go from offense to defense and back again in an activity that develops both sides of basketball. 

Cross the River
Row, row, row your boat. Make it from one end of the court to the other without losing possession in this head-to-head activity.

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