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Why to make one, data privacy, and what’s coming!


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Why should I make a player card?

MOJO Player Cards are built with three primary goals in mind:

  1. We want to give you tools to make your kid even more excited to play real-world sports. We apply the same systems used in video games to motivate your kids to get out and play more. While the Moola (MOJO’s in-app currency) they earn today is used to upgrade their player card, soon it will be used to unlock real-world rewards and additional effects for their larger player profile.
  2. We want to help you remember what made each and every season magical for years to come. Soon, your Player Card will serve as a source of cover art for a much more robust, shareable player profile that will feature stats, achievements, and video highlights. The people you give access to (think: grandparents) will also be able to watch live streams of games from that profile on the web without even installing the MOJO app.
  3. We want to make teams more connected. We want every coach to be able to know each kids’ name before the first practice. 

Is it safe to share data about my kid?

Many of us at MOJO are parents of young athletes. Child safety and privacy is our number one concern. We will never share your child’s data without your explicit permission. 

Today, cards you create are only visible to your team. Once public profiles launch, you will have a robust set of controls that govern who can see what. MOJO will be the safest place to share your child’s sporting memories and accomplishments.

How do MOJO Player Cards work?

Today, it is very simple. You add a photo of your kid to the card. We then use some technology magic to make a fun starter card.

Then, every time you use the attendance feature in the MOJO app to tell the team you are going to a practice or game, your child earns Moola

Every Sunday, that Moola earned for all the play that happened during the week is available to claim. Sit down on the couch with your kid and use that Moola to buy packs of new assets for your child’s card. Each week they can update their look that is shared with the team.

Get step-by-step instructions for editing a MOJO Player Card.

What’s coming?

Very soon, MOJO will introduce live streaming. From live streams, any parent can create highlights of anything fun that happened during the game. It might be an amazing play or it could just be a fun celebration.

Highlights can already be tagged from media that is added to MOJO. That will also be the case for the clips from live streams. Once clips are tagged, parents that had kids in the highlight are notified and they can choose to add those clips to their player’s profile and timeline.

Soon, all of the content will be available for consumption on a web based player profile. You will be able to choose who can see that profile. Going forward, if loved ones can’t make the game they will be able to tune into live streams or watch highlights your kid featured in.

In short order, in addition to manual clips, there will be automated highlights available as well as more detailed stats. 

That’s just the start though. There is so much more coming to MOJO to make each and every season more fun, more memorable, and more successful.

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