How to Do a Scissor

Fake out your opponent with this slick dribbling skill


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Need a slick way to slice past an opponent when dribbling? Let us introduce: the scissor. The best part? It’s not as hard as it looks. With these three easy steps, you’ll be cutting away from your opponents in no time.

Here’s how to pull off this sharp maneuver and maintain control of the ball

Step 1. While dribbling forward, fake a pass with the outside of your foot. (It can be your left foot or right foot.)

Step 2. Instead of making contact with the ball, loop your leg around it, landing your foot at 2 o’clock for a right foot fake or 10 o’clock for the left.

Step 3. Then with the outside of the other foot, cut with the ball and accelerate in the opposite direction. 

And if you really want to kick it up a notch, you can do a double scissor — just combine the fakes with two loops around the ball instead of one, a dazzling combination that helps you maintain possession and leave a defender in the dust.

Once mastered, the scissor can come in handy during any number of soccer dribbling drills where you go head to head against another  player and encounter pressure. This skill is an asset for soccer players who want to maintain close control and protect the ball as they move it down the field.

The scissor isn’t the only handy soccer skill to keep in your back pocket. Don’t miss the step over, the Cruyff turn or the Ronaldo chop


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