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Join your league or club to get even more out of MOJO


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MOJO is already your home base for a fun, fantastic season. Once a coach or parent invites the whole team, everyone can share schedules and practices and stay up to date via CHAT.

But you can connect in more ways than that.

Many clubs, leagues and organizations use MOJO to create custom practice plans and publish articles, contests and announcements just for their members. But coaches and parents have to join their league or club in order to see that content.

How to join your league or club

If you’re new to MOJO, one of the first ways you can get the most out of MOJO is to join your league, club or organization. 

You can add your Org Affiliation in a couple of ways.

  • Tap the pencil icon next to My Team on the top left of the HOME, LEARN or SCHEDULE tabs, and add your Org Affiliation there. You can also tap ROSTER and then the Settings icon to reach the same screen.
  • Search for your Club, League or Org Name. Remember: Spelling matters! And some organizations might go by an abbreviation or another unofficial name. Be sure to search for other variations if you don’t find it right away. 
  • When you find your organization, tap it, then tap SAVE.
  • If you don’t find your club in the search results, you can ADD AS NEW ORG. Then, once you add your ORG NAME and LOCATION, we’ll add it to our database, so others can find it, too.

For coaches and parents

Once you’re affiliated with the right league or org, coaches and parents alike will automatically be able to see any and all of that league’s custom content — including practice plans, articles and more. You will also automatically get communications from the league, all in one place. 

It’s easy to find custom practice plans from your league or org

  • Go to an existing practice.
  • Tap Browse at the top of the practice
  • Tap Practice Plans
  • At the very top of the next screen, tap FROM MY ORG 
  • Browse all of the custom practice plans from your league or org

For leagues and orgs

Leagues and orgs that sign up with MOJO get special access to powerful tools that help up-level practices for their teams and coaches. Leagues can use MOJO’s tools to get feedback directly from coaches and parents, publish custom content and curriculum, communicate easily with everyone in the league and gain access to special analytics. 

For everyone

If you have more than one team on the MOJO app — youth soccer in the fall, youth basketball in the winter, youth softball in the spring — affiliating with the right league or org can also help you stay organized across an entire year of playing sports.

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