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By now, coaches and parents alike have seen MOJO in action at practice.

Barry Spitzer, the executive director of the Tuscaloosa United Soccer Club in Alabama, says he could literally see which soccer coaches were using the MOJO app to run practice when he walked the fields last spring. “Without a doubt, when kids are running around, laughing and moving with a soccer ball, they’re using MOJO,” he says. “I just know they are.”

Now, that same energy and magic comes home.

What is MOJO At Home?

MOJO At Home is a new feature that gives parents access to an ever-growing list of activities that help kids learn and hone skills that will help them in practice — and beyond. It’s the same expert-backed curriculum, with the same focus on fun, that the MOJO app is known for — tailored for kids and parents.

For young flag football players, MOJO teamed up with NFL FLAG’s top coaching experts to develop activities that help kids work on strength, conditioning, speed and agility, as well as receiving, catching, throwing and defense.

For MOJO’s at-home soccer activities, kids learn alongside coaches FC Barcelona’s famed youth academy, with a focus on playing “the Barça Way.” 

And as always, MOJO makes it easy to understand, explaining the “why” and “how” of what kids are learning so that parents are always in the loop.

How do you get MOJO At Home?

MOJO At Home is only available through a MOJO+ subscription. 

MOJO+ provides year-round fund and development, with unlimited access to at-home soccer training videos developed with FC Barcelona, the official at-home flag football training from NFL Flag and — coming soon — basketball, baseball and softball.

To upgrade, tap the MORE tab in the app, then tap Subscription. For the very best value, subscribe to MOJO+ for the entire year. Otherwise, you can pay on a month-by-month basis.

The best of both worlds

Part of the magic of the MOJO app is the way it transforms practice into something kids want to do. And with the latest version of the app, parents can follow along with practice, by joining their team via the MOJO app for free.

And now, with MOJO+ and MOJO At Home, all of the expertise, and age-appropriate, fun, developmental curriculum, is available for parents and kids to do together — anytime, anywhere.

It’s MOJO on-the-go — and from the comfort of home.

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