MOJO Takes COVID-19 Seriously

It’s the elephant in the room — as we eagerly anticipate a return to play, we need to acknowledge how COVID-19 has changed everything.

Ben Sherwood

| 3 min read


The devastation of COVID-19 is unfathomable. So many lives lost. So much pain and grief. And such disruption in almost every aspect of life.

Youth sports have certainly been slammed. While participation grew in 2019, the world turned upside down when COVID struck. In many parts of the country, kids have been stuck indoors for months as authorities shut down leagues, fields, practices, and games. Clubs have gone out of business. Rec programs have been shuttered. 

Of course, in some places, youth sports haven’t missed a beat. Kids are still playing. Leagues are still running. Participation has even grown!

It all depends on where you live.

Overall, almost three out of 10 kids who previously played sports are no longer interested, according to an Aspen Institute survey tracking the attitudes of youth sports parents during the coronavirus pandemic.

At MOJO, we believe the decision to play is up to you. Armed with the best information, moms and dads will make the right decisions for their kids.

While MOJO doesn’t take a position on the return to play, we do stand ready to support you whenever you decide to go back out on the field.

Ultimately, we believe that vaccinations and better control of COVID will lead to a resurgence of youth sports. All that pent-up energy will burst forth in exciting and positive ways.

MOJO is here to help at every step of your journey.

Many of the activities in the app have COVID variations, to help you build skills, have fun and be safe, all at the same time. Every video was filmed safely, with protocols that strictly followed CDC and California guidelines and public health regulations in Los Angeles County. 

And we will always share trusted resources (like the ones below) that can help guide your thinking about how to coach and play safely.

At MOJO, we put health and safety first — because once they’re covered, you’re ready for the fun stuff.


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