Pick the Perfect Practice in Seconds with MOJO’s New Practice Plans

End-to-end sessions designed by MOJO experts help soccer coaches hone in on specific skills


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The magic of the MOJO app is that it takes the homework and the guesswork out of planning soccer practice.

That means fun, age-appropriate practices with a variety of engaging activities and games — generated automatically and instantly, with the touch of a button.

But sometimes, a coach wants more control and choice. Maybe you prefer to pick specific skills for practice. Maybe you have brand new players who need to work on dribbling. Maybe your team needs to come together for defense. Maybe you want to spend a whole session on passing. If you want a custom practice for a specific skill, Practice Plans are for you.

How Practice Plans work

Now, when you go to build your next practice, you have new options.

(Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app, first.)

Want to introduce dribbling to your 5-year-olds? There’s a Practice Plan for that. Want to get your players to defend as a team? There’s a Practice Plan for that, too. Just tap on a skill to see all of the personalized Practice Plans that we have created just for you.

Don’t worry, if you prefer for MOJO to make all the recommendations, the app will still build fun, age-appropriate practices based on the feedback you and your team provide after you complete each practice. Just tap Create Automatically and MOJO will do its thing.

But if you want to work on attacking, defending and everything in between — or any of the other core skills in youth soccer — you can now “borrow” a Practice Plan from our library.

These Practice Plans have been curated by some of the top soccer coaches in the world — the same people who created MOJO’s games and activities in the first place — as well as friends at clubs like Florida Elite Soccer Academy and our partners at US Youth Soccer. They use MOJO activities, and their own on-field experience, to help you sequence activities on a single theme.

If you follow the Play-Practice-Play approach

What’s more, if you follow the play-practice-play methodology, there are Practice Plans with that approach in mind. Each one starts with a scrimmage, then focuses on one core activity to develop a specific skill before closing with another scrimmage. Coaches repeat that core activity, first making it easier (which can help developing players experience success) and then making it harder (so more experienced players can feel challenged, too). Coaching tips make sure you’re asking your players the right questions along the way.

What if I don’t see the Practice Plan that I want?

Practice Plans are just getting started. We have options across skills and age groups, and our experts, partners and other friends are always contributing more.

If there’s a plan you like, and that has worked well for your team, but don’t yet see in the app, let us know! You can email support@mojo.sport right from the app with your custom practice plan and MOJO will get back to you if we decide to feature it. (Just be sure to use MOJO activities!)

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