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At MOJO, coaches are our superheroes. They make youth sports possible for kids. And with the MOJO app, our mission is to empower them with the world’s very best coaching know-how and team management tools.

We’re ready to supercharge this mission. And that means giving more youth sports coaches the tools they need to have their best season ever. That’s why we’re introducing our new coach referral program — Tell A Coach.

With MOJO’s Tell A Coach program, any time you refer someone who’s coaching kids to MOJO, we’ll pay you $10. They can be a coach in any of the sports we offer — soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, or flag football. If they sign up to use MOJO with their team, you’ll get $10. There’s no limit on the number of coaches you can tell.

Be sure to tell them that MOJO is free to use with their teams. That means they can manage the team’s schedule, plan and view practices and team-based activities, and communicate with the team — at no cost.

Get paid with Tell A Coach

Referring a coach is easy. Simply fill out this form with your email address and the email address of the coach you referred.

  • If they download the app, create a team and invite their team, and ensure that 3 or more of their team’s families are in the app, you’ll get $10. (We pay out monthly.)
  • You can fill out this form as many times as you refer a coach — we’ll do the work to verify they’ve signed up and created their team.

For the overachievers

Do you know an organization with multiple coaches or teams that would benefit from MOJO? If you refer us to that organization and they sign up to use MOJO, you’ll receive $200. Yes, you read that right: $200. That’s a whole season of post-game ice cream.

  • If you refer us to an organization that’s new to MOJO and they schedule a meeting with us, you’ll automatically get a $30 Amazon gift card.
  • If the organization purchases a MOJO package, you’ll get an additional $170 = $200 total.

To refer an organization, email and copy the organization leader (someone with the ability to make decisions for the organization), introducing us to them. Make sure you’ve told them about MOJO first, so that you don’t surprise them with the email! We’ll take it from there.

The fine print (because we have to)

For a coach referral to count:

  • The referrer cannot be an administrator or leader of an organization sharing MOJO with all coaches. Referrals must be fellow coach to fellow coach, or parent to coach.
  • The coach must be new to MOJO (i.e., it’s their first time using the MOJO app).
  • The coach must be coaching kids under the age of 14 in one or more of the following sports: soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, and/or flag football.
  • The coach has to create a team with MOJO and invite their team to the app. 3 or more families (other than the coach) need to join the team.
  • The coach must join MOJO within 1 week of your reported referral.

For an organization referral to count:

  • The organization must be new to MOJO (i.e., it’s their first time using MOJO as an organization)
  • The organization must have 500 players or more
  • For the full $200, the organization must purchase a MOJO package

If two or more people refer the same person or organization, the referral payout will go to the first person who referred them.

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