What Is Moola and How Do I Use It?

Say Moo-la-la to MOJO’s new in-app currency


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V-Bucks. Robux. Minecoins. What do all of these have in common? They’re all currencies for the some of the world’s most popular video games — how kids can unlock skins, new packs, and other cool video game features.

But what if that same concept — earning currency to unlock exclusive features — got kids playing more in real life?

Introducing Moola — the in-app currency of MOJO. With Moola, kids unlock features for their MOJO Player Card — backgrounds, frames, films, stickers, and more. Best of all, they earn Moola by simply playing the sport they love.

Earn Moola through play

For now, kids can earn Moola in two ways: going to practices and attending games.

How? Just log their attendance in the MOJO app!

Parents, you don’t have to do anything but confirm your player is attending a practice or a game. Just RSVP, and they will earn Moola. Earned Moola can be claimed at the end of each week. Once they’ve claimed their Moola, it’s easy to upgrade their card.

Spend Moola on Packs

With Moola, players can purchase packs that contain new effects and items to enhance and further customize their MOJO Player Card. To access the store, simply head to the HOME tab, tap into your player’s card, and select the Store icon on the bottom.

You can learn more about packs here.

More to Moola, coming soon

This is only the beginning of MOJO’s game-inspired system that rewards young athletes for real-world play and achievements. Soon, they’ll be able to log play on their own time, outside of practice, and earn Moola for those backyard and park sessions.

With Moola on MOJO, you can make screen-time work for things that matter, and take the power of video games and use it to make sports even more fun. Let’s go!

Questions about Moola or anything else? Email us at support@mojo.sport.

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