What Is Shielding in Soccer?

This move is especially handy when you’re tight on space


| 1 min watch

Excuse you — this is my ball, and you don’t get to have it.

It’s time to show off your best brick wall impression because the last thing you want when you get the ball is for someone to take it away. That’s where shielding comes in, and it’s especially handy when you don’t have much time, space or anyone to pass to.

Start by moving the ball to the foot farthest from the defender, putting your body between the ball and your opponent, and taking a sideways stance to add even more distance. 

Don’t be afraid to lean into your opponent, with your arm up, as if you’re holding an actual shield. Then use the sole of the foot to protect the ball, pivoting to maintain control as the defender pursues it. 

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