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With the basic MOJO app, coaches, families and players put the fun and games back in youth sports, all for free. You can supercharge that experience by subscribing to the full MOJO experience (MOJO+), which offers the very best features to turn real-life sports into a video game, plus world-class individual training for kids to level up outside of team practice. It’s the ultimate youth sports experience.

And the best part? You can try it for a week for free. If at any point in the week you don’t like it, you can cancel your trial.

What’s included in the paid MOJO subscription?

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In addition to the free features you know and love about MOJO (easy-to-use scheduling, attendance and messaging, one-tap practice planning, and expert-backed team drills), subscribers get:

  • Exclusive Player Card features that get kids playing more
    • Get unlimited sticker slots for players to deck out their card
    • Use Epic and Legendary card items
    • Unlock new card elements like films
  • World-class at-home training and courses that accelerate player development
    • Access 200+ individual training activities from the best teams and leagues in the game — the NBA, MLB, NFL FLAG, and FC Barcelona
    • Drive dramatic player improvement with step-by-step guided courses straight from the experts
  • More ways to get kids hooked on sports, coming soon
    • Showcase season achievements and statistics on Player Cards
    • Print and save Player Cards as the ultimate keepsake each season
    • Motivate players with customizable awards
    • And much more

Try the ultimate MOJO experience for free

You can try it for free for a week, and cancel anytime.

  • If you try to use any of the paid features without a subscription or active free trial, you’ll be prompted to start your trial.
  • At any time, you can tap on the green profile icon in the top left of the HOME, LEARN, CHAT, or SCHEDULE tabs. Once you’re in your profile, tap Subscription and sign up.

What’s free and what’s in the subscription?

As always, the basic MOJO app is free to download and use as part of a team. This means you can use the MOJO app to plan practices, manage and follow the schedule, and message the team. The LEARN, CHAT, and SCHEDULE tabs don’t require a subscription, and neither does the HOME tab, with the exception of the Player Card features outlined above.

We’re committed to putting the fun and games back into youth sports for everyone, and that means ensuring great practices and easy-to-use technology are always free. For the ultimate youth sports experience, a MOJO+ subscription puts incredible features in the palm of your hand.

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