What’s MOJO+?

And why you probably want to upgrade right now


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By now, we all know that a “+” means something extra, exclusive, something more

At MOJO, MOJO+ means coaches and parents get unlimited access to world-class at-home training that helps kids be the best players they can be.

MOJO+ subscribers get:

  • First-look access to a 4-week training course with the coaches from the FC Barcelona youth academy. The first of its kind — a month-long skills training course that’s the perfect way to prep for an amazing fall soccer season.
  • Unlimited access to every new course created with MOJO’s world-class partners. Get exclusive at-home training developed by the NBA, Major League Baseball, NFL FLAG, Major League Soccer and more. New courses released every month.
  • Personalized assessments that drive guaranteed player development.
  • Hundreds of instructional activities across all five major youth sports. Hours of fun and player development that parents can do with their kids at home — or just about anywhere.  

How to get MOJO+

You can upgrade to MOJO+ at any time. The at-home games, training and courses on the MOJO+ tab help players hone skills, get touches and stay active outside of practice and in the off-season. And they’re a great way for parents and players to play — together

To subscribe:

  • Tap directly on the MOJO+ tab, and into any activity. If you are not yet a MOJO+ member, you’ll get a screen with a prompt to upgrade.


  • Tap on the green profile icon on the upper left of the HOME, LEARN, CHAT or SCHEDULE tabs. Once you’re in your profile, tab Subscription and sign up.

You can sign up for MOJO+ on a seasonal or yearly basis. 

What’s the difference between MOJO and MOJO+?

As always, the MOJO app is free to download for coaches and parents. You can use the MOJO app to plan practices, schedule your entire season and communicate with the team. You can also find helpful articles and get answers to your most pressing coaching and youth sports questions. The HOME, LEARN, CHAT and SCHEDULE tabs don’t require a subscription. All of this is for free — because MOJO is here to make youth sports better and more fun for everyone.

MOJO+ is here to help coaches, players and parents level up. For the very best youth sports experience — in-season or in the off season — MOJO+ offers year-round fun and 1-on-1 skill development, all in the palm of your hand, for a fraction of the cost of a single private lesson or clinic. 

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