Empower young athletes everywhere and make sports more fun for everyone – one kid, one coach, one family, one team at a time.

Why Mojo?


• More than 70% of kids drop out of youth sports by age 13
• Girls quit 6X faster than boys
• No fun is the #1 reason for dropping out
• Every kid doesn’t get to play: only ⅓ of youths from low-income families participate while ⅔ participate from higher-income families

Source: Aspen Institute State of Play, Texas A&M University

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• More than 80% of youth sports coaches are parents who volunteer
• Fewer than 30% have received any training on the essentials of coaching

Source: Aspen Institute State of Play

Great concept and content! · Love how easy it is to get ideas and plan sessions. Very fast, slick and super content.


NYEUR1, Belgium

Great functional training for all ages! · I loved the ease of use and creativity this app is able to provide. Great tool for any Coach or team looking to take their game and skill sets to the next level. Well done!


BM Soccer, USA

Where has this been? · I am not a professional coach - having an app like this is an answer to my prayers. Finally something for parent coaches who want to have fun with their kids and help them improve.

Mom and Coach

soccermom90066, USA


• More than 80% of coaches using MOJO say the app makes it easier, less stressful and more enjoyable
• MOJO makes high-quality coaching accessible to everyone: the app is free for coaches

Our Values

MOJO is built on a belief in the transformative power of youth sports.

We are young at heart. Fun is fundamental to everything we do. We embrace a growth mindset. We innovate and dream big. We believe in magic — because MOJO is magic.

We care most about kids and families, yours and ours. Our purpose is to make families happier.

We demand equity and inclusion. We work hard to expand access and level the playing field. As a team, we excel as individuals but we are stronger together. And there is no sitting on the bench.

We go all out. Results matter and execution is everything. We’re not here to win one quarter, one game or one season. Our goal is sustainable success. And more than anything, we want to win at life.

We are truth-seekers and truth-tellers. We practice radical candor. We thrive on feedback. We welcome healthy debate. We see challenge as opportunity.

It’s not enough to build a successful business. We are here to make the world a better place through sports. We do the right thing. We do the good thing.


MOJO is on a mission, a mission to make youth sports fun again — one kid, one coach, one family, one team at a time.

Sounds simple. But it’s not.

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