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MOJO is magic — that’s the dictionary definition. For us, it’s the magic of youth sports — that 10-year window of time when kids are playing, adults are cheering and we’re all supposed to be having a great time, win or lose

It’s also the practical magic of getting you, as a coach, what you need, right when you need it.

MOJO knows that coaching is chaos. It’s stressful. It can be thankless. We know that coaches don’t get much support. And we know that coaches are a big factor in determining whether kids and families return for the next season.

MOJO is here to help with all of that. Because we do one thing, and we do it well — MOJO makes coaching easy. And in doing so, we make kids better athletes, parents better coaches and sports more fun for everyone.

What MOJO is (and isn’t)

With MOJO, you can run a practice from the palm of your hand.

The magic of MOJO is in its custom practice plans — expert-designed, age-appropriate and fun. You can show up on the field with just a few minutes to go and know that you have everything you need to run a great practice. With MOJO, it’s a practice that keeps kids engaged, while giving them the fundamental skills they’ll need on game day.

Off the field, MOJO helps with all the other aspects of youth sports — how to connect with, inspire and motivate your players, how to manage all those personalities (child and adult), how to make this one season of youth sports memorable for all the right reasons.

MOJO is not a peak performance app. We do not guarantee wins or college scholarships. If that’s what you’re going for, there are other solutions out there for you. But yes, MOJO will show you how to do a Cruyff turn — because how cool is that

Where MOJO gets its MOJO

MOJO gets its MOJO from some seriously impressive technologists, seasoned coaches, leading academics and award-winning storytellers — plus the on-the-field experience of volunteer parent-coaches who know what it’s like to be stared down by a group of second grade players.

Collectively, MOJO offers a developmentally-appropriate, child-centered approach — backed by science, grounded in fun — that meets kids where they are, and helps them grow as players and people. Because that’s the point.

MOJO’s app gets to know you and your players based on machine learning. The more you tell us about your practices, the better we can crunch the data and deliver custom results.

The technology is built around MOJO’s curriculum, developed in conjunction with the country’s top youth coaches. And MOJO’s approach has also been reviewed by our esteemed academic advisory board. They’ll study the effectiveness of our curriculum — measuring the engagement, satisfaction and happiness of kids and parents — and their feedback, as well as yours, will be used to make our program even better.

Even the best curriculum in the world doesn’t work unless it’s easy — and fun — to teach. That’s why we put MOJO’s videos in the hands of the Emmy Award-winning team behind the 2020 Michael Jordan sports documentary The Last Dance. These videos entertain as much as they instruct — and that’s why they’re effective.

Go ahead, get your MOJO on

Anyone who’s ever played youth sports knows one thing: You never forget a great coach. 

MOJO believes there’s a great coach in all of us. 

Set up your first practice to unlock a whole season of fun. It’s easy.

  • Sign up.
  • Tell us about your team.
  • Tell us when you’re going to practice.
  • Keep your app in-hand during practice, and we’ll do the rest — each and every week, until it’s time for the pizza party.

MOJO’s here for you, every step of the way.

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