10 Best Basketball Shooting Drills for Kids

They shoot, they score!


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Shooting is the most rewarding part of basketball, but it’s hard to get better without a high volume of practice shots. These 10 youth basketball drills and games help developing players get their reps. High-energy, fun drills are a great way for youth coaches to teach the game without blind repetition. 

7 Spot Shooting
Seven’s the lucky number in this activity where players shoot from important areas of the court. 

Minute to Win It
Players race to beat the clock in this shooting game.

Good Shot, Great Shot
There are good shots and there are great shots. Teach players the difference in this fun team-building activity. 

Scoring Duos
It takes 2 to score in this shooting activity that teaches 2-player offensive moves. 

2 on 1
Players practice playing with and without an advantage in this game.

Take ‘em out to the ballgame! This game combines 2 of our favorite sports.

Wrap Battle
Drop the mic! Players compete head to head in this fun dribbling face-off. 

Flying Numbers
This fun activity alternates between 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, 4 on 4, and 5 on 5 opportunities for players.

Quick Draw
Think fast! Players learn to react quickly and make clutch shots in this high-energy activity. 

Frequent Flyers
Grab your passports! Players work on shooting skills in this globetrotting activity. 


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