How to Create a MOJO Player Card

Capture, create, customize. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!


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Get ready for your kid’s most exciting season ever — starting with their player card on MOJO. Each season, your kid will get to create and customize a new card that will serve as their digital home for all of their play.

It’s everything kids love about video games, now for youth sports — finally, something that makes your kid want to play more. Learn more about player cards and what’s coming.

Access your kid's card for the first time

Your kid’s card is accessible via the HOME tab. Tap into it to start editing.

Snap a pic

You can either take a photo of your kid or upload an existing one straight into the app. (Don’t worry, you can always change your photo later.) Strike a pose!


Give the MOJO card editor a minute to get your card ready… and then tap to see it revealed!

Make it theirs

Boom! Your kid’s card is now live. Players can edit their name color and photo, including resizing, moving, and rotating it. And this is only the beginning — there’s more coming to player cards soon.

Your kid can change up their card (or photo!) any time via the card editor — just tap into the card from the HOME tab and customize away.

How many cards can my kid make?

There’s a limit of one card per kid per team — that way a card can (eventually) hold their memories, stats, and more for that team and season.

But don’t worry, if your kid reallllllly wants to make more cards… just sign them up for another team! Don’t say we didn’t warn you about cards making your kid want to play more. 😉

What if I have more than one kid on a team using MOJO?

Oh man, that sounds like a sibling card decorating competition if we’ve ever heard of one!

From the HOME tab, just tap on a card. There, if you have multiple players on a team, you’ll see the ability at the top of the editor to toggle between player cards to edit.

If your players are on different teams, make sure you’ve toggled to the correct team for the correct player. You can do so by tapping the green profile icon in the top left of the HOME, LEARN, CHAT, or SCHEDULE tabs, tapping “My Teams”, and selecting the correct team. Then, you’ll be able to create and edit your kid’s player card for that team.

Have questions or need help? Email and we’ve got you covered.

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