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Coaches can now invite parents to the MOJO app


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As a coach, you’re the center of the team. But you’re also nowhere without your team. That’s why MOJO made it easy to invite everyone to participate.

MOJO has added a feature that allows you to invite fellow coaches, parents and anyone else on the team to be part of the magic. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new update.

Why should I invite my team to MOJO?

Inviting your team — from parents and their kids to fellow coaches — allows you to share and unlock the features that make your season stress-free and more fun.

The parents you invite can add their kids to your roster. Coaches have told us that it would be extremely helpful for players to view practices beforehand to see what’s coming — and now they can.  

When you invite parents, they can:  

  • Add their kid(s) to your roster
  • View practice. (Don’t worry, they can’t edit!) 
  • Learn more about the sport, thanks to the videos, advice, how-tos and Q&As on the app’s Explore tab
  • Help you invite other families on the team
  • With MOJO+ and MOJO’s new At Home feature, parents can access hundreds of games and activities that help kids develop outside of practice. 

When you invite coaches, they can:

  • Access all of the above plus,
  • Help you edit and manage practices
  •  View and leave Coach Notes

How do I invite my team to MOJO?

It’s simple to add your entire team to MOJO. MOJO will give you a unique team invite link, or code, that’s easy to share wherever and however you communicate with your parents and coaches. You can share the link or code via text message, email and WhatsApp, as well as team management apps like TeamSnap or GameChanger Team Manager.

To access your invite link and team code, tap “Team” on the top right of the Practice tab. From this screen, you can send invites and also see which parents and coaches have already joined.  

When parents click your unique link, they will go through the sign-up flow and automatically be added to your roster. They don’t need to have the MOJO app beforehand.

In some cases, due to a user’s settings, the link may not work.  If that happens, parents can type in your team code from the registration screen when they tap “Join a Team.” 

What if I need to make changes to my roster?

If you need to edit, delete or change your roster after you’ve invited your team, MOJO can help. Simply email with your changes. We can also help you add your own kid(s) to the team if you didn’t do it during the registration process. 

Self-editing of rosters is coming soon — and will be accessible by tapping “Team” on the Practice tab.

Share the magic

At the end of the day, it’s all about sharing the magic of MOJO — and making one season of youth sports more fun for everyone. More than 80% of coaches who use MOJO report that they had easier, less stressful and ultimately more successful seasons. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

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