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A supercharged sideline experience available only on the MOJO app


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With FanZone, parents, friends and family on the sidelines — as well as those who can’t be there — can stay fully immersed in a player’s season, from the very first practice to the final score of the last game.

With FanZone, you can:

  • Contribute to the story of your team’s season. Every moment, every score, every inside joke, in one collaborative space.
  • View and upload photos and videos. You aren’t always able to capture those once-in-a-lifetime shots or goals, but chances are that someone else on the team did. 
  • Help keep score during games. 
  • Follow along during the game if you cannot be there in person. Perfect for out-of-state relatives and busy parents alike.

Get ready to join FanZone

An hour before your team’s next game, you can join the FanZone from the HOME tab.

You can keep score, share photos and highlights, and follow along if you’re not at the game.

View the entire FanZone gallery by tapping “Photo & Video” on the right. You can add photos and highlights for up to an hour after the event ends. Don’t forget that celebratory pic!

See all of the team's media

View the FanZone media gallery

If you want to see media from a specific event, you can tap into the CHAT tab, select the FanZone chat center on the top right, and tap on the specific event you want to see media for. Then, you can tap “Photo & Video” to see media from that event.

You can view all media at any time for free. For unlimited access to the FanZone archives, and the ability to download and share, upgrade to MOJO+.

And coming soon…

  • Tag players in photos and videos. No more searching for the clip you missed from the last game, or random videos that don’t pertain to you or your player. Everyone helps share and curate the team’s media.
  • Track stats — goals, runs, points, assists, and more
  • Watch practices and games from anywhere with live streaming

With MOJO FanZone, you’ll never miss a moment. This immersive multimedia feature puts the fan experience in the palm of your hand.

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