What Is Tagged Media on MOJO?

Hint: it makes following a player’s season that much better


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On MOJO, when you upload media in FanZone or in the FanZone Media Gallery, you can now tag it by tapping the “Tag” icon. Any team member can tag any piece of media uploaded for the team.

Media tagging -- web

When you tag media, you can share what happened, and who was in it.

Tag Media for Player Timelines

When a player is tagged in a piece of media, it will show up on their Timeline, where they can chronicle their entire season — every practice, game, and event.

Once media is approved, tagged media will show up for the corresponding event where it was taken (don’t worry, captions and dates / times can be edited). You can look at your player’s Timeline by tapping into the “Player Profile” module on the HOME tab and scrolling down past their Player Card.

Timelines are exclusive to MOJO+ — you can learn more about MOJO+ here.

More Media = More for Timelines

The more media that team members upload, share, and tag, the more families will have to show off on their players’ season Timeline.

From fantastic plays to post-game pizza, the more everyone shares, the better. Let’s get sharing!

Have questions or need help? You can always reach us at support@mojo.sport.

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