10 Best Basketball Drills for 6-Year-Olds

Youth basketball drills that put the FUN in fundamentals


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It’s hard enough to get 6-year-olds to focus for 5 full minutes. How do you get them to pay attention to the proper form for dribbling, passing and shooting? The trick, at this age, is to put learning in the context of a really fun game. That way, they won’t even realize they’re doing the work.

These 10 games help the youngest basketball players learn fundamentals while playing games they already know and love.

Construction Site
Don’t forget your hard hat! Players learn to make decisions while dribbling in this activity. 

Gimme Five
Players practice dribbling in a fun activity that also helps develop their coordination and agility.

Pattern Dribbling
This activity helps players learn about court markings— and develop their technical dribbling skills, with an assist from their favorite characters.

Red Light, Green Light
Build players’ muscle memory by pairing quick stops and explosive speed in this schoolyard favorite.

Sleeping Giant
Shhh, don’t wake the giant! Players practice changing dribbling speed in this fun sneaky activity. 

Detective Pikachu
Can you crack the case? Players practice dribbling with a poker face in this activity.

Sharks and Minnows
Sh-sh-SHARK! Dribbling players pretend to be minnows who must cross an ocean full of hungry sharks.

Space Treasure
Strap in, we’re blasting off to outer space! This activity develops team play, tactical decision-making and dribbling skills.

Freeze Tag
The cold doesn’t bother us anyway! Players practice changing speed and direction with the ball while escaping tough situations.

Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
Do you have what it takes to transform into a butterfly? This great team-building activity improves communication and collaboration skills.

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