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Ready for your best season yet? With the MOJO app, it couldn’t be easier.

If your club or league has purchased MOJO for all of its users and you’ve joined via a team code, many things — like your roster, schedules and even practice plans — may be pre-programmed for you. You can still add or edit practices, games and your roster.

Set Up Your Team

If you’re new to MOJO, or if you’ve got a new team for the season, just tell us which sport you’re coaching, the age and size of your team and a couple other key details, and the MOJO app will handle the rest. And don’t forget to add your roster. Inviting your team to use the MOJO app helps keep everyone connected all season long.

Be sure to enable notifications, too. That’s how we keep you up-to-date on messages, schedule changes and more.

Learn more: New Season, New Team and Invite the Whole Team

Schedule Practices, Games and More

It’s easier than ever for a coach to build out an entire season of practices, once you know your schedule. From the Home tab, tap the + next to Up Next. Then you can add a whole season’s worth of practices, games or other events, like a pizza party, fundraiser or team outing.

If you have weekly practices, just tell us when practice starts, how long it is, and how many sessions you’ll have this season. Do your players need to show up 10 minutes early to warm up? It’s easy to add that, too. And finally, the most important part — the location.

You can access the same screens from the Schedule tab. Just tap tap the + next to EVENTS.

Once the schedule is set, tracking attendance is about as simple as it gets.

Create Your Ideal Practice Plan

Schedules and team management are just the start. For every single practice on the calendar, MOJO will automatically create a fun, age-appropriate practice plan based on what we know about your team. Just tap CREATE AUTOMATICALLY

Coaches who have a specific idea in mind for practice can also browse pre-built practice plans by tapping SELECT A FOCUS AREA

If your league or organization has joined MOJO, you can also access their custom practice plans, under FROM MY ORG.

Coaches can also tweak existing plans to include favorite games or even custom activities. To edit, just tap Browse from any existing practice plan, and make it your own.

Learn more: Your Practice, Your Way. To affiliate with your league or org, check out Find Your People

Stay Up-to-Date and Connected with Chat

Great teams are built around good communication, and staying in touch about issues big and small begins with the Chat tab. 

In the MOJO app, coaches and assistant coaches can chat privately, and the entire team can receive and send messages with just a tap. Communicate about changes to the schedule, where to park at games and share tips, tricks and shots of amazing plays, all in one place — so you’re not digging through text chains or emails to find what you need. 

Learn more: Let’s Chat, Shall We? and Sharing Is Caring

Boost Development Outside of Practice

In youth sports, learning and development don’t have to stop at the end of practice. Keep kids active, engaged and having fun with hundreds of at-home activities on the MOJO+ tab. 

Each expert-backed game is broken down by key skills, so coaches and parents alike can help players work on the things that will make a difference on the field.

And if you’ve signed up for one of MOJO’s courses or training camps, you’ll find all of your activities on the MOJO+ tab as well.

Learn more: What’s MOJO+

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