How to unlock and edit your player’s Timeline with MOJO+


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With our newest MOJO+ feature, you can now commemorate your player’s entire season — from the first practice to the final game — on their Timeline.

Let’s get started!

Access your player’s Timeline for the first time

Your player’s Timeline will be accessible via the HOME tab by tapping into their Player Profile. (If you haven’t created their Profile yet, this module will look like a prompt to complete it.)

From there, you’ll see a screen with their Player Card (it will be empty if you haven’t created it yet, learn more about creating it here!). Scroll down and you’ll see the start of your player’s season, and their Timeline. If you are a MOJO+ subscriber, you will see their Timeline, including any media that your player has been tagged in.

If you’re not subscribed to MOJO+, you’ll see a prompt to unlock the Timeline. Timeline is a feature only available with MOJO+. Learn more about MOJO+ here.

Tag photos and videos to get started

Here’s where things start to get fun! Every practice and game, you’ve seen the ability to upload highlights, photos, videos and more to the FanZone (along with keeping score). Now, when anyone uploads media to a FanZone, you can tag players that are in that photo or video and along with what happened! Tagged media will show up on a tagged player’s Timeline. Any team member can tag any player in photos.

Within a FanZone, tap the “Tag” icon next to any photo or video.

Tap into any photo or video. You’ll see the option to tag the media in the bottom right. (As a note, one way to view all media is by tapping into the FanZone Media Gallery from the HOME tab.)

Then, in both cases, you’ll start tagging.

You can tag when the photo or video was taken (e.g., first quarter), what happened, and which players were in it. When you’re finished, tap “Done” in the top right.

You’ll also see a “Add to Timeline” icon next to the Tag icon in both places. This is how you can directly add an item to your player’s Timeline — simply tap it to add an item.

Add photos and videos to their Timeline

You can tag photos of any player on the team, and other team members can also tag photos of your player. Once there are tagged photos and videos of your player, you can add them to their Timeline.

You can do so by simply tapping the “Add to Timeline” icon on any piece of media, or you can approve items your player has been tagged in on their Timeline.

Let’s show you how to approve tagged items.

First, from the ************HOME************ tab, enter your player’s Profile. Scroll down until you see the section that says “Add Media to Timeline”. There, you can accept or reject tags of your player for any media they’ve been tagged in.

You can also tap into any media to view it first before accepting or rejecting it. Those items will then be added to your player’s Timeline for the corresponding event!

Edit their Timeline

To edit their Timeline, tap the Pencil icon at the top of an event to get started.

From here, you can: Add new media from the Event Media Gallery;

Tap, hold and drag the hamburger icon on the left of any media to rearrange order;

Edit the title of any piece of media;

… and delete media from their Timeline.

The ultimate highlight reel every season

As the season goes on, your player will have more and more photos and videos to showcase on their Timeline, on a practice-by-practice and game-by-game basis. It’s their season — turned into the greatest story ever told.

The more media that team members share each season, the more everyone can add to their Timelines — so be sure to share those epic videos and photos in FanZone or in the FanZone Media Gallery!

More to Timelines, coming soon

We’re not stopping there. We’re dreaming up more ways for families to never miss a moment of any player’s season — including showcasing season stats and achievements, sharing Timelines on desktop with Grandma and Grandpa, and more.

Have questions or need help? You can always reach us at

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