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You asked — and we heard you. You want to schedule games as well as practice. You want to get rid of those other apps cluttering up your phone (and your inbox). You want everything to be simple, easier.

The latest version of the MOJO app helps with all of that — and more. With the new SCHEDULE tab, you can add practices, games and other important team events, like parent meetings or the pizza party, and easily manage attendance. And it’s easier than ever to communicate with the whole team when things change. Just update everyone via CHAT

It’s everything you need to know, all in one place.

All in one

With the latest version of the MOJO app, the tabs you use to navigate the app have changed.


The HOME tab is where you can see a digest of upcoming events, get personalized tips, and manage your team settings. You can…

  • Create new events from here by tapping the plus sign.
  • Update your team settings to join your club, league or organization. 
  • Create or join additional teams.
  • Manage your roster and invite new members.


Here you will find answers to just about any question you could have on youth sports.  Whether it’s what equipment to buy, questions about rules or expert tips for coaching kids. Use the search tool to find what you need. And like any content on MOJO, you can share anything that would help your team with the tap of a button, via CHAT.


Chat is the way we naturally connect. The CHAT tab helps manage the day-in day-out logistics of #teamlife — communicating with the team, planning logistics, sharing photos, videos and memories. 

And now, with the new MOJO, new practices, games and schedule changes are all summarized for the team automatically. 


This is command central for coaches and parents alike. While it’s called SCHEDULE, we go beyond the where and when of game day, practices and any other team event. You can get that, plus easily manage attendance and find everything you need to plan a great practice here, in one, logical place.


The MOJO+ tab is where you’ll find hundreds of activities to help your player develop and grow after practice is over. With a MOJO+ subscription, you will find an ever-expanding set of resources and games to help your players realize their full potential. A coach or parent can share any activity with your players to give them the personalized attention they want and need.

What’s next

With the new MOJO app, planning and managing an entire season from the palm of your hand was never easier. 

What’s next? More enhancements that we know you’ve been “hungry” for. Stay tuned!

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